External Writing and Media Features

If you’re interested in reading other pieces of mine that have been published elsewhere or where I’ve been featured in the media, check out the links! Please note that the audiences for these pieces varies greatly – those written for About-Face are geared towards a children, pre-teen and early adolescent audience; those written for The 2×2 Project are generally written for adults with an interest in public health and public policy, and those written for other select sites (Jezebel, Sociological Images, SparkSF) are geared towards a general adult audience with an interest in current cultural and political issues. Thanks for reading!


09/21/2017: “Africa’s New Affordable HIV Treatment Deal under Threat from US Budget Cuts.” – The Independent

09/22/2012: “American Dropout,” a documentary about the dropout crisis in New York City public schools. Produced by PBS, I was featured as a commentator:



02/26/2018: “The Art of Privacy in the Quest for HIV Eradication,” published at the AIDS Research Institute.

02/08/2018: “East Africa Collaborative Research Symposium Highlights Key UCSF and Regional Partnerships,” published at the UCSF Global Cancer Program.

01/22/2018: “Developing Countries Showcase Test and Treat Pioneers,” published at the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences.

12/04/2017: “Targeted Action Group Marks 20 Years in Fight Against HIV/AIDS,” published at Egghead: Research at UC Davis.

12/01/2017: “Closing in on HIV Eradication,” published at the UCSF AIDS Research Institute.

08/15/2017: “UCSF Brings Strong Showing to 2017 International AIDS Conference,” published at the UCSF AIDS Research Institute.

Posts Originally Hosted at The 2×2 Project (no longer in publication, these posts can be found on main blog tagged as 2×2):

09/17/2013: “Oral Contraceptives and Women’s Mental Health.”

03/06/2013: “How School-Based Health Centers Can Help Save Our Kids.”

02/05/2013: “The Impact of AIDS Activism: An Interview with David France.”

01/30/2013: “Beyond Buoying the Boys: The Population Health Impact of Sex-Selective Abortion.”

12/11/2012: “Making the Cut: Is it Time to Put the Circumcision Debate to Rest?”

11/07/2012: “The Declining Mental Health of Millenials: Is Depression the New Normal?”

10/18/2012: “1980s Redux? The Troubling Criminalization of HIV.”

10/04/2012: “America’s Most Vulnerable Still at Risk Under the ACA.”

09/24/2012: “The Top Five Myths About the Affordable Care Act.”

09/17/2012: “The Problem with Abstinence-Only Education.”



Posts Originally Hosted at MediaGlobal (no longer in press, can be found on main blog site tagged as MediaGlobal):

03/27/2013: “In Country of Sustained Conflict, Two DRC Women Work Toward Peace.”

03/12/2013: “Kiribati Tackles Domestic Violence Across More than 20 Islands.”

03/12/2013: “Uganda and Ireland Partner Against Domestic Violence.”

03/07/2013: “57th CSW Welcomes Thousands, Addresses Women’s Development Issues.”

03/03/2012: “The Changing Face of Development in the Fight for Gender Justice.” – cross-posted at SparkSF.



05/23/2013: “A Relatable Disclosure of an Eating Disorder from an NYC Powerhouse.” – posted at About-Face.

04/01/2013: “Tide Seems to Understand That Men Know How to Operate a Washing Machine.” – posted at About-Face.

01/30/2013: “Miss America Contestants: The Judgment Never Ends.” – posted at About-Face.

10/04/2012: “GOP Women Contribute Importantly to the Political Landscape – With Their Looks.” – posted at About-Face.

09/06/2012: “Hey, Fat Girl! Shrink!” – posted at About-Face.

08/07/2012: “Does Being in a Male Dominated Industry Make Women Skittish About Feminism?” – posted at About-Face.

04/24/2012: “‘Fat Betty Francis’ Caricatures a Complex Character.” – posted at About-Face.

04/12/2012: “Barbie Goes Bald. But Don’t Tell the ‘Normal’ Kids.” – posted at About-Face.

04/03/2012: “Meghan McCain Body-Shaming Bridges the Political Gap.” – posted at About-Face.

03/22/2012: “United Nations Women Board is Led by…Not a Woman.” – posted at About-Face.

02/05/2012: “US Weekly Uses Language of Disaster to Discuss Celebrity Food Choices.” – posted at About-Face.

01/20/2012: “Sugarcoating Gender Stereotypes.” – posted at Sociological Images – The Society Pages.

01/18/2012: “Concerns Over Body Image Outrank School and Stress for Girls in Australia.” – posted at About-Face.

01/03/2012: “1940’s Ads: Fat Shaming is Rooted in Skinny Shaming.” – posted at About-Face.

11/17/2011: “Kelly Clarkson Bucks the Trends, and the Media Circus.” – posted at About-Face.

11/08/2011: “Miller Revokes ‘Man Cards’ for Men Lite on Manliness.” – posted at About-Face.

11/02/2011: “Sugar in the Raw Delivers a Sweet Insult.” – posted at About-Face.

10/14/2011: “Looking for More Attention? Drop Some lbs.” – cross-posted at Jezebel.

10/13/2011: “Looking for More Attention? Drop Some lbs.” – cross-posted at Sociological Images – The Society Pages.

10/12/2011: “‘Slip Into a Size Sassy’ and Other Bad Advice from Special K.” – posted at About-Face.

07/30/2011: “Gender and Power in Duke Nukem.” – posted at Sociological Images – The Society Pages.



09/03/2013: “Five Ways to Integrate Your Passion into Your Work and Social Life.” – posted at SparkSF.

09/12/2013: “Five Ways to Make an Impact as a Young Philanthropist.” – posted at SparkSF.

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