Summer’s Eve has Bad Marketing. And the Product is Terrible for You.

In light of all the on-point criticism of the ridiculous feminine hygiene ads and how they portray a woman’s relationship with her reproductive organs, I think we should point out a couple things.

First, douching is actually not good for you – it disrupts the balance of good versus not so good bacteria, which maintains a certain acidity level and in turn is key to a healthy vagina. Douching can destroy this careful equilibrium, causing an over-growth of the bad bacteria. This can lead to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis; both of which are uncomfortable and cause symptoms that are more disruptive than the non-existent issues one thought they were getting rid of in the first place. More dangerously, douching can actually force unhealthy bacteria up into the uterus and ovaries, which if untreated can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). This, more disturbingly, can cause infertility issues. While this may be rare, why risk the possibility by doing something that is unnecessary at best, but very damaging at worst?

The Summer’s Eve website has an “education” section, which does point out that some regular discharge is normal and offers some good snippets about the importance of wearing 100% cotton underwear. However, in their advice about yeast infections, they include “don’t sit around in a wet bathing suit,” “eat berries and yogurt often,” “don’t wear tight-fitting, non-breathable clothes,” and “eat less sugar,” concluding the list with “use pH-balanced washes formulated for the vaginal area.” Up to that last point, the list was fairly on target. In fact, the list I’ve gotten from my gyno every year has read very much the same with the exception of that last line. In fact, their advice has always been along the lines of: “do not use washes formulated for the vaginal area, even if they say they are pH-balanced, because your body balances that pH like a pro on its own.”

Summer’s Eve says their products have been dermatologist and gynecologist tested – I would be interested in what that test entailed, but also would be remiss to not point out that “tested” does not in any way necessarily equate with “approved.” I can test drive a Mercedes and it tells you nothing about what I think of it (I’d like one). Look, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as a body of physicians do not recommend douching. I am more inclined to trust them than a Summer’s Eve label.

Interestingly, the site does admit that the vagina is like a “self-cleaning oven.” This begs the question – why do I need this?

Women and their reproductive organs have thrived for thousands of years. Those reproductive organs have done a remarkably efficient job of cleaning themselves all those years without the “help” of douching projects. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that these people are trying to tell women that their vagina is supposed to smell like a Laura Ashley store. It’s not. It should look and smell the way it has for centuries. Vaginas have spawned babies for generations without the help of branding and perfume, and it seems the marketing efforts could be better spent educating men and women that the vagina isn’t supposed to be the fertile ground of daisy chain making and delicate blossoms.

Your vagina is the foundation of your holistic health as a woman. Summer’s Eve is a masking product, not a health product.

Bottom line – if something seems off down there, swabbing it to make it smell like a bouquet is not the right course of action. Seeing your gynecologist is.

Author: Larkin Callaghan

I'm a born and bred San Franciscan, with previous residences, postings, and assignments in NYC, LA, and Eastern and Southern Africa. Runner, global health and international development expert, health communication and strategic partnerships professional, implementation science investigator, reproductive health advocate. Previously seen working at the UN, professor-ing at Stanford University, implementing in sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia, and Latin America with the CDC, PEPFAR, and ICAP at Columbia, and managing research at UCSF.

31 thoughts on “Summer’s Eve has Bad Marketing. And the Product is Terrible for You.”

  1. Yes! All the things you said! A healthy vagina should smell like a healthy vagina — NOT like faux floral chemicals, pine air freshener or, hell, a tray of baking cookies (even though that sounds like it could be nice, it is NOT)!

  2. This is a great post, I really like it. The idea that there are still douching companies out there SHOCKS me!!

  3. Hello there! This article couldn’t be written much better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I loved this article. I found it after searching for “Summers Eve” and BV. I will be 36 years old this year and up until a year ago, I had never had any vaginal infections. In the past year I have had BV 3 times. The only thing that changed about my hygiene practices was incorporating the “unscented” Summers Eve feminine wash…at the suggestion of a friend. I had a hunch that the SE was causing the BV somehow, but your article made me feel much more confident about my suspicion. Thanks!!!

  5. Do you have the same opinion about their deodorant sprays? I know enough to stay away from douching and cleansing washes, but I was wondering if the same applied to masking odors?

  6. Hi Natalie – while the washes are certainly the most problematic, I’m not a huge fan of the deodorant sprays, either – that’s primarily because of their messaging. I think health-wise, they pose less of a risk, but foreign compounds can still bother the reproductive tracts with the sprays, though significantly less so if you’re careful.

    1. The deodorant sprays are NOT good. I’m currently in the midst of getting rid of a YI thanks to the sprays.

  7. I often wonder if advertisers get away with “gynecologist tested” simply because it is not the same as “gynecologist reccomended” or if both claims are used deceptively.

  8. I say TO Each ITS OWN! I agree, internally the vagina is self cleaning. Don’t confuse douching with cleansing washes. I wouldn’t tell anyone to douch, but I hope every women is washing(using soap and water to clean your external vaginal area). When washing your vaginal area using one of theses pH-balanced washes is better then using the same body wash you just used to clean your foot! Secoundly, Summer’s Eve make unsented washes also.

    1. I was using summers eve just as a wash and got a bacterial infection from it. After going to my gynecologist she said plain and simple, throw it away. Any of there products, they will only cause you problems. The soap recommended is dove sensitive skin.

      1. Yes! I used it twice and I’ve had a UTI since Tuesday!!! I will NOT be using summers Eve no more! I will be more iffy now about what I get! Thanks for postin this!

  9. Great Information!! Also good hygiene can really decrease the odds of getting a yeast infection. Clean, dry skin and weight loss discourages yeast infections. Clean teeth and avoidance of sugary foods helps prevent oral yeast infections. The tips below can be really helpful to prevent genital yeast infection

    avoid douches
    always dry the genital area with a clean towel, after cleansing
    avoid scented hygiene products
    change tampons and pads often during your period
    wear cotton underwear and also pantyhose with a cotton crotch
    avoid tight underwear and clothes made of synthetic fibers
    avoid hot tubs
    change out of wet swimsuits and exercise clothes as soon as possible

  10. I’m 17 and I use the cleansing wash externally because using normal soap leaves me irritated and my vagina dry and itchy.. My step mom uses it too and we both have no problems what so ever… I only use a little bit every night before bed but let my vagina do its thing the rest of the day… I don’t see anything wrong with it whatsoever its just “soap” not sprays or wipes etc.

  11. I do not and have never douched but I do use the Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive pH balance feminine wash on the OUTSIDE of my vagina. Before I started using it 3 months ago, I got yeast infections almost every month. I’ve also had a bacterial infection and a UTI before too so I know the differences. I started only wearing 100% cotton underwear, cut back on sugar, alcohol, yeast, I drink a lot of water, I pee regularly, I don’t hold it in, I will change out of wet bathing suits quickly, I wash and dry the OUTSIDE of my vagina well daily, I stopped wearing tight jeans, I eat plain unsweetened yogurt daily, I used to take acidophilus daily, I try to keep the outside of my vagina fairly dry from sweat, and sleep without underwear on. This all seemed to HELP but it wasn’t until I started using Summer’s Eve that my yeast infections stopped for good. I haven’t had a bacterial infection, UTI or yeast infections in 3 months. I really like the product and my vagina doesn’t smell like any absurd scent but clean.

  12. You know I thought I always knew this and one day my gyno suggested I get a oh balanced wash. I started using it havnt been using it for much longer than a week and I’ve now got an infection. I’m so mad my dr told me to do that. UTI’s are the worst!

  13. Weird I use summers eve delicate blossoms shower wash and have been for a year at least, just instead of soap. I haven’t had any problems, scents , infections or anything else bad happen. But I do agree with ur body cleansing itself inside. But I’d rather use the wash than regular soap.

  14. Yes I agree I started using the deodorant and i was freaking out because I was itching soooooooooo bad I couldn’t sleep or do anything the only thing different I did was use that product never again !!!!

  15. I’ve used summers eve for 2 years already and it messed up my period bad… I have always been irregular but this is worse

  16. I’ve used the spray & now when I say my Ph balance is off it’s way off now I have to do extra stuff now to get it back to normal I enjoyed the flower smells & all but not so much the fishy odor I’m dealing with now I recommend anybody using the sprays , body washes & all to stop today or learn the hard way

  17. 3 years of uti’s. I finally thought possibly it could be the summers Eve wash? Do a search and find out that really this could be the issue. Thousands of dollars in tests, continued antibiotics, and years of pain. I will throw it away and share with others. I had no idea!

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